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intensive family engagement

Educare schools apply and innovate in four core components of its family engagement approach:

In addition, Educare schools:



Family engagement in Educare schools is defined as partnering with families in collaborative and reciprocal ways to build mutually-respectful, goal-oriented relationships that support strong parent-child relationships, family well-being, and ongoing learning and development of both parents and children.

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PARENT ambassadors

Educare Flint has a group of Parent Ambassadors who each play an instrumental role in expanding the reach of the school into the community, growing enrollment, and raising awareness city-wide about the importance of early childhood education starting at birth. They are trained advocates for high-quality opportunities for Flint youth, families and communities. They also represent Educare Flint and Flint families as part of the national Educare Learning Network, and in interactions with state and national early childhood leaders.

This cohort of 10-12 parents is selected based on their commitment to becoming the vehicle of early childhood “contagion” and change in their communities, their enthusiasm for developing the foundation for all future fellow programming, and their desire to build a larger advocacy network committed to:

To get involved with Parent Ambassadors, contact Charese McLean.


Women of Worth (WOW) is an empowering program for women. WOW meets monthly, and encourages participation from all Educare women including mothers, grandmothers, aunts, foster mothers and guardians. Activities are guided by the Nurturing Parenting model and aim to spark new bonds and tools for support not only within the group but also for individual participants. The principal focus of WOW is for all Educare women to encourage and uplift each other while building a broader network of support.

To get involved with Women of Worth (WOW), contact Mariah Randle.


Fathers and Men Engaged (FAME) is a 6-week program with weekly meetings. FAME encourages all of the men who are directly involved in the Early Head Start/Head Start child’s life to participate, including fathers, grandfathers, uncles, cousins, big brothers, foster fathers and guardians. Members complete the FAME curriculum and offer support and motivation to each other. During the year, FAME members also volunteer in their child’s classroom and recruit other men to participate in different FAME events.

To get involved with Fathers and Men Engaged (FAME), contact Mike Kildee.